5 reasons why it’s time to change your ppc agency

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 3 minute read

Using a good ppc agency can be a great move for your company if you’re looking to grow your business and online presence. The benefits of hiring a ppc agency are extensive, you get to use the expertise of creative ppc professionals and their analytical brains whilst having more time to focus on you, your business and employees with the comfort of knowing experts are taking care of your ppc management.

However, these great relationships between agency and client don’t always materialise and here at Run2, we’ve found many clients coming to us who aren’t happy with their current ppc agency. If you answer yes to any of the 5 points below, it may be time to start your search for a new ppc agency!

Your agency isn’t reaching set goals

Whether your goal is to increase revenue, increase leads or improve your online presence, achieving goals of any nature is critical in judging your agencies performance. A good agency will agree on realistic goals with a client and if they’re consistently not reaching these goals, it’s probably time you gave them the boot. A great agency should consistently meet goals, and in the chance a goal isn’t met, will address the issue, find out why the goals hadn’t been reached and make recommendations as to how they’re going to reach those goals going forward. 

Your current agency isn’t transparent

Your agency should be in regular contact with you, whether it’s about campaign performance or just to check-in. Poor agencies have a bad track record for confusing clients with confusing ppc lingo, whereas a good agency knows most clients don’t understand the terminology (nor should they have to!) and also know that most clients want to see hard stats and figures. Anything more technical should be broken down in a easier to understand manner.

Your campaigns have hit a dead end

Your ppc campaigns worked for a while but they’ve now hit a dead end. The growth has stopped, your metrics are down and the agency doesn’t really seem to be doing much about it (or at least they pretend they are). Not getting a campaign back on track is usually a sign of a lack of expertise. Whether its campaign structure, ad content or landing page amendments, a great agency will be on top of these and will understand how to get a ppc campaign back to where it should be!

You’re not seeing a good return on your ppc investment

ppc advertising can be an expensive area of digital marketing and this can scare some businesses off, but when it’s done correctly, the returns from good ppc management more than make the investment worthwhile. Some businesses may rush to end ppc if it isn’t working but most of the time it’s not that ppc isn’t working for your business, it’s the agency that isn’t working for your business. It’s quite likely the agency doesn’t fully understand or have the expertise to get your ppc campaigns up to the next level of growth.

The agency isn’t willing to accept feedback

Feedback from clients is an important part of growth on both sides of the relationship, and most importantly, for growing the business. A good agency should be asking for feedback on ppc campaigns and whether the business being brought in through ppc is benefiting the business. An agency that is regularly asking for feedback better knows how to tailor the work they’re doing for the clients business.

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