5 Graphic design trends for 2020: a year of experiment and mixing it up

Written by Josie O'Sullivan: Junior Digital Designer.
· 4 minute read

1. 3D designs

As technology and virtual reality advances around us, graphic design is developing in order to live up to this notion and 2020 is the year to experiment with it–– the use of 3D design is pushing limits. Through the creation of hyper-realistic artwork, it opens up another world around us, and by doing so, results in elevation of the 2D, giving it a cutting-edge, innovative lease of life.

Check out 3D designer Anny Wang whose work focuses on all things three dimensional. Find her work here.



2. Line art / illustrations

Less is more they say? Quite the opposite to 3D design, however, it’s most definitely the case when it comes to line art. Keeping a concept simple, crisp and stripped back can often say much more than overloading a design. Taking a more minimalistic approach keeps concepts looking clean, fresh, brand new and very 2020. It also allows for more freedom to work with accompanying layout, colour palettes or type.

One example of a stripped-back approach has been from Mailchimp with their site being scattered with an array of cute illustrations.

3. Typography / type craze

Much like before, less can most definitely say more. The use of experimental type can be used in all manners to capture a tone immediately. Through the singular notion of type, it becomes a powerful tool for communication without the fuss of imposing factors such as imagery or complicated layouts, we will be seeing a lot more designs turning typographically during 2020. Samsonite’s recent campaign has done that exactly by executing type as it’s main focus. Find it here.


4. Liquid forms

The use of liquid formations can inject futuristic, nuanced tones to a design and adds personality and flow, whilst at the same time, projecting depth and a feel for something quite unique. Liquid forms can be fused well with other parts of design such as colour palettes and gradients, a contemporary, on-trend look that gives off a vibe excelling past the year 2020. #Staytogether campaign here showcases a successful way of using fluidity within a concept.


5. Contrasting colours

Contrasts within colours can cause impact and can become a real attention grabber. Red and green should never be seen? Why not try it. 2020 is definitely the year of going against the rules when it comes to graphic design. Try mixing up crisp greens with soft pinks. Contrasting a palette can definitely add depth, playfulness and intrigue within a concept. One graphic designer who plays well with colour contrasts within her work is Han Valentine. Check her work out here.



To summarise, graphic trends this year seem to be mainly about pushing the limits during 2020, testing and trying new ways to communicate an idea or even stripping it back to basics.