5 Content Tips To Help Your Brand Reach An Audience

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

When it comes to connecting with customers, content is arguably the most important tool at your disposal. Copy makes up a website, from the products you’re selling, to the contact information that people can use to get in touch. A tactical content strategy can make the difference between reaching a few consumers and a worldwide audience.

Blogs, infographics, e-books and email campaigns are just some of the content options to explore. At Run 2, we know how effective content can be, which is why we offer a variety of copy-based services to help your business thrive. Here are five content tips for anyone who is looking to improve their digital marketing strategy.

1. Create a content calendar and pair it with a regular report

Developing a content calendar is a great way to create a database of ideas. Not only can it be shared among a marketing team, the calendar can constantly be improved on. Some useful information to include in the calendar might be unusual days to leverage for a marketing campaign or opinion pieces around a niche topic.

The calendar can be updated by information found from a weekly or monthly content report. The report can be tailored to a client or subject area and you’ll be able to see what other people are writing about in the industry. This will give you an indication of what competitors are doing and you’ll be able to generate your own ideas as well.

2. Diversification

The beauty of content is that there are multiple ways to promote it among an audience. If you run a regular blog then don’t limit yourself to promoting it through one channel. Finding out which channel to promote content on can increase its overall impact.

For example, a short video may work best on Instagram Stories, while a B2B style blog would have a good reach on LinkedIn.

3. Generate evergreen content

After you’ve researched what your audience is interested in reading then you can apply that knowledge to developing evergreen content. This is the kind of long-lasting copy that builds trustworthiness for your brand. It’s the kind of information that consumers will keep coming back to and are more likely to share.

The best way to create evergreen content is to write with the mentality of being the definitive source on your topic. It’s also helpful to be as specific as possible and write for a beginner’s perspective.

4. Update old content

The idea of evergreen concept should be applied to everything you write. Statistics have shown that only 55% of bloggers update old posts, but 74% that do are more likely to get strong results.

Don’t hesitate to go back through old posts and update them with new information. Newer content is more likely to be picked up by Google than content that’s a few years old.

5. Find the balance between quality and quantity

Everyone knows that quality is far more important than quantity. But if you’re thinking about the word count of a blog I wouldn’t get too caught up in trying to reach a certain length. Extensive research has been carried out and people are divided on optimal word count.

It all depends on the topic you’re talking about. A small 300 word piece could have more value than a rambling essay. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be afraid of creating long form content if you think it can produce the best results.