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5 brands who continue to nail Instagram, even though they really shouldn’t

Written by Dave Nicoll: Head of Social.
· 3 minute read

From fashion to food and travel to tech, there are certain brands that were just born to be on Instagram. Although running any kind of social media campaign (well) is no walk in the park, you’d always choose the fast fashion brand over the corporate finance firm when it comes to Instagram. That being said, there are some brands that continue to break convention and turn what could very easily be dry topics into something people not only want to see, but actively engage with on a regular basis.

With this in mind, here are five brands that continue to nail their social media marketing through Instagram;


Yes food is amazing (can you tell it’s January?), but are we really arsed about the multinational chains we buy it from? Sainsbury’s, Tesco & co can put together all the most creative recipes in the world and I’m still not fussed about following them. Aldi on the other hand…

I can only tip my hat to the creative geniuses behind the Aldi UK Instagram account who have managed to create one coherent image on their profile, whilst producing images that stand alone in a users feed. Normally you get one or the other, but their sprawling canvas works just as well as individual photos, as it does one giant, never ending banquet of super tasty food and drink…

General Electric

Hands up if you follow a company specialising in any of these areas on Instagram; energy, manufacturing, oil & gas, venture capital? Nobody?

Me neither, except for General Electric that is. The team behind their Instagram account continue to source amazing imagery of their huge machines and staff in action to create amazing visual content, that you genuinely want to see in your feed. Just take a look for yourself…


When it comes to receiving mail, we’re all much more interested in what’s in your package than how it gets to you. That is, unless your courier is FedEx.

The FedEx social team focus on showcasing the vast array of locations and methods of transport in their network to make the delivery the most exciting part of receiving a package. This approach helps them create a local feel amongst a very global audience.


Your toothbrush is an essential part of your daily routine (or at very least should be you dirty bugger), but that doesn’t mean you want it splashed all over your Instagram timeline. Quip are helping to chance this one beautiful minimalist image at a time.

By focussing on striking minimalist images that are based around simple colour palettes, Quip have produced an oral care Instagram feed that won’t put you off your lunch.


Yes Adobe may create some of the most exciting software around at the moment, but at the end of the day, it’s still, well…software. However, Adobe champion this customers in their Instagram feed to not only showcase stunning content, but to drive real audience engagement.

Rather than simply posting a series of random images however, they have a particular theme each month (often based on a colour) to ensure that they can make use of a range of creators work, whilst having a consistent feel to their content.