4 Ways To Advertise Your Business Online

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Traditionally, there weren’t many ways to advertise your business online, if any at all. If you owned a business and wanted to increase profits (which as business owners . . we always do!), then you had to either physically go out and drill up the new business and form relationships with others to get the word out . . or you had to spend far too much on offline advertising campaigns such as mailshots and newspaper or radio ads.

One of the problems with this traditional form of marketing is that many businesses are only able to target locally as the main aim of the marketing campaign is to get people through the door of your physical outlet.

Another CRUCIAL issue to offline marketing is it is very hard to track. Apart from asking people or providing a voucher or something, there is little else you can do to find out who has heard or seen your advert and what the conversion rates are.

I’m not saying offline marketing is bad and not worth your time, clearly it is and can increase business and brand awareness, I’m just saying that in today’s world with the evolution of the internet, there are far more efficient ways to advertise your business.

People now EXPECT your business to have a website so if you’ve not got one then that is the first step.

“We have a specialist team of web designers and developers who have extensive experience in designing and building websites that not only meet your budget and requirements . . . . but also CONVERT your visitors into customers”

If You Have A Website Then Here Are 4 Ways To Advertise Your Business Online

Ways To Advertise Your Business Online #1: Directories

Traditionally if you had a business, you were listed in the yellow pages, Thompson local or whatever directory was relevant to your business and area. Well guess what? . . . . All these directories plus thousands more are now online, some very specific to certain areas of business. If you’re business is not listed in them you can bet your bottom dollar (pound!) that your competitors are.

Ways To Advertise Your Business Online #2: Social Media Marketing

Heard anyone talking about facebook and twitter (and soon to be Goole plus) recently? Exactly! Every business, from global corporations to one man band local plumbers now feature on these social networking sites and for good reason. For starters people kind of expect you to be on there but more importantly you can actually target your customers (people that are interested in your product or service) and build up a loyal following and interact with them!

This is the same as if you had a hat store and you could walk out on the street in the middle of London or Manchester knowing which people were interested in hats. Priceless!

Ways To Advertise Your Business Online #3: Pay Per Click

When you do a search in Google you will notice that there are some adverts down the right hand side and also three shaded pink at the top of the search results. Well these are pay per click adverts created using Google adwords. As it says on the tin, you pay-per-click. You are paying to show on the first page of Google for a keyword and you only pay when someone clicks your ad and lands on your website. It is then the websites job to convert that visitor into a customer.

Basically you can set up a campaign today and by tomorrow you can have more visitors and hopefully customers. Just like that! Bet you’re starting to like the sound of this online advertising aren’t you?

Word of warning though, PPC is not easy and if done incorrectly can end up costing you money and running at a loss. There are many things that need to be right in the setup process and then certain tweaks you need to do on an ongoing basis to ensure profitability.

“We can often offer you this service FREE as part of a package. Get in touch to see how we can help.”

Ways To Advertise Your Business Online #4: SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Ahh the grand daddy of them all! Someone types in a keyword and BANG! Your website appears in Google. If they click on your site and visit it you don’t get charged and it will be there and available for people to view 24/7. Basically, round the clock targeted potential customers looking at your website and product offering.

If the website is set up correctly (which we are experts at), then it will convert a % of these visitors into paying customers and will take your business to the next level. This is known as the natural or organic search listings and is the holy grail of advertising your business online.

Someone types in hats for sale Manchester (think I’ve got an issue with hats!) and your website, which offers a wide range of high quality hats, appears. You have just attracted via SEO a super targeted potential customer that is interested in your product and is actually searching for it in real time!

There is so much to SEO, a lot of it very technical, that I would be taking about it all day and I’m a bit busy so no can do I’m afraid.

“The best thing to do is get in touch with us and discuss your requirements and tell you a bit more about the service and even have a free site/business consultation with you.”

P.S Almost forgot, you can track all your visitors to your site. Yep . . . the area they live, the times they visit, what they typed in to find you, what they looked at etc etc the list goes on and on.

Your competitors will at some stage if they have not already, be doing this so give your business a head start and look at ways to advertise your business online.