4 tips for creating the perfect landing page

Written by Beth Cunniffe: Content manager.
· 4 minute read

I’ve got to admit, when I first started working in digital marketing, I didn’t really get the point of landing pages.

“They’ve got an amazing website!” I’d cry, “I don’t understand why we’re not sending people to it.”

Luckily, after a few people with a lot more experience in, ppc, user experience (and digital marketing as a whole) explained it to me, I finally got it. Much to the relief of our Head of Design, Linzi

Now I know the value of landing pages and know that they’re a great way to present tailored information to your audience, test different content types, and increase leads and roi.

Landing pages are such a valuable opportunity that not making the most of them can cost you dearly.

But what makes a great landing page? Here are a few things to consider to make sure it’s working hard for you.


1. Seamless ad-to-landing page transition


One of the reasons you might need a landing page is because you’re showcasing a new campaign that might jar if it was to sit on your website. So rather than creating a landing page that is identical to your website, it needs to match your ad. Your ads set expectations for your landing page and so there should be a seamless ad-to-landing page transition for your audience.


2. Navigation


On your website you want visitors to take a look at as many pages as possible. But that’s not true with a landing page. That’s because a website is showcasing all of your different services and providing as much information as possible, so people can make a well-informed decision. A landing page is designed to showcase one specific thing; whether that’s one particular service, special offer, new product or campaign. When someone visits your landing page you don’t want them spending time navigating around trying to find information or contact details – you want them to stay on that page and take a desired action. So limit navigation, minimise distraction and keep visitors focused.


3. Make the most of your headline and subheading


Within a landing page you might not necessarily have a lot of space for reams and reams of copy. This single page needs to get all the essential information across which means you need to really make the most of your headline and subheading. Whether you choose to be really creative or simple and straightforward is up to you, but your headline and subheading need to make clear, strong statements. Statements that confirm that this landing page is for the right audience and matches their expectations.


4. Clear CTA


If your goal is to increase your conversion rate, don’t make your audience work to find your CTA. The more barriers you put up, the lower your conversion rate will be. Landing pages work better if you make the next step immediately obvious to your audience. Your CTA should be clear for all to see, and people should know exactly what they need to do and subsequently, what they’re going to get from doing so.



Putting time and effort into a precisely crafted ppc campaign shouldn’t be wasted with a lacklustre landing page. A lot of the time you have to test certain elements to find the perfect combination of what works and what doesn’t, but the 4 tips above should give you a firm jumping off point.