3 Ways Social Media Can Impact Your Business

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

Over the past decade social media has grown into a must-have marketing platform for many industries in a range of different sectors. From Linkedin to Instagram, the social world blooms with business of all shapes and sizes using a variety of social platforms as a vital piece in their marketing strategy to target their would-be consumers.

The relationship between social media and Word of mouth

Growing at a rapid speed around the globe, social media allows for the perfect opportunity to spread the knowledge of your business through word of mouth. Simple measures with social media (such as liking a brand page, or retweeting a brand’s tweet) can trigger an almost knock on effect capturing the attention of thousands of potential consumers.

Often, social media users trust the views and opinions of one another on these sites, placing real value behind the meaning of your shared post (it’s almost like a stamp of authenticity).

With the additional availability to review a page directly through personal channels and with some customers even taking the time to make review videos on Youtube, there’s endless babble about your business that can be created through social platforms.

Social Media Marketing Tactics

Effective social media marketing offers much more than just posting content to a profile with the off chance that it might get picked up by your target demographic.

For example, through Facebook targeting you can create an advert for your brand, select specific qualities of the people you want your post to reach and create a variety of different pages for the same brand,allowing audiences to interact with your business in different ways (i.e fan pages and business profiles).

Are Communicating Effectively?

Communication is a simple benefit of social media that you would struggle to effectively gain through any other means of marketing. Social media platforms allow a brand to communicate with their consumers no matter where in the world they are located.

These simple communications between business and consumer allow your brand to build a proper retort with customers, adding to brand image and also allowing the company to deal with complaints in a quicker and more direct manner.

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