3 content marketing objectives you should be considering for your fashion brand

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

In fashion, and indeed the wider ecommerce sector, the end goal is to sell your products. The more dresses, shoes and jeans you sell the better. But whilst generating revenue is certainly the destination, the journey there is just as important.

Content marketing is a massive part of fashion ecommerce. Before the rise of the internet, the fashion industry was dominated by print magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ and InStyle. Whilst they’re still major players within the fashion world, many shoppers are turning to the net to consume their content and of course, buy their clothing.

So yes, you’re obviously going to use content marketing to try and generate more sales for your fashion business. But here are some content marketing objectives you should also be considering for your fashion brand:


Brand awareness


In fashion ecommerce, the more people that know about your brand the better. People are more likely to make online purchases from a brand that they’ve heard of before. We’ve all had the experience of seeing an ad online for a top or pair of shoes we like, only to discover it’s being sold by a brand we’re unfamiliar with. It’s off-putting and for cautious purchasers, requires a lot of extra leg work to find out more about the brand. For many, it’s easier just to find something similar on ASOS…

For online fashion stores, brand positioning is everything, especially in a very crowded marketplace.




Retweets, comments, likes, shares. It’s all free marketing and should be something you’re working towards with your content. And your customers will engage with your content as long as it helps to meet their needs or solve a problem they have. Finding what these needs and problems might be is key to crafting content that will get high engagement levels across all channels. And remember, getting good engagement can really help you build a community on social media where fashion ecommerce brands can thrive.


Lead generation


Getting data such as email addresses can be great for fashion ecommerce businesses. If you can get someone to willingly provide you with an email address then you’ve got a direct line to their inbox where you can put information and your products in front of them. If your content is good enough people will sign up for a newsletter and then you’re even closer to turning those browsers into buyers.


Ecommerce marketing is undoubtedly geared towards sales but it’s important to remember the different ways in which you make those sales. Content marketing can be a huge benefit to your fashion ecommerce brand if done correctly, and you can help increase your sales by tracking the above objectives. If everything is looking positive, you know you’re on the right track.