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280, Is It A Blessing Or A Curse?

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

Twitter’s new 280 character limit has been an ongoing topic of discussion, and with the new update providing the avid Twitter user with more characters to ‘express themselves’, it was only normal for the latest change to have its fair share of mixed reviews.

So the question is, will this new update be a blessing in disguise or a curse? In true Run2 style It’s only fair that we share the advantages and disadvantages of having 140 more characters:


  1. The obvious  benefit of this new update means both personal and corporate users have the ability to share more and reflect on current events in more depth, whilst brands and businesses can provide their customers with more information without having to cut as many corners.
  2. The new character limit can give you more opportunities for creating list posts.
  3. You can ask more robust questions from your audience to build more engagement and interaction on your accounts.
  4. Threads are shorter. A typical 6-10 thread could be cut down to 2-4.



  1. While having higher character limit can be a good thing, it also means that more time, effort, and money will probably need to go into the content you share. With 140 characters, you’re inclined to produce shorter material to share.
  2. Longer tweets will not result in more impressions if brands are still publishing the same number of posts.
  3. Don’t assume that longer tweets will be just as interesting to readers as short ones. Having too many characters to work with can definitely be a problem when trying to keep your content interesting.
  4. A higher character limit means people are more likely to tweet anything and everything, watch out for the long pointless vertical tweets.


In hindsight 280 character isn’t for everyone, just because you’ve been given more space it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use it.