2013: The Year Mobile Ads Take Off Like A Rocket

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Unless you live in a far away magical kingdom or spend your days marooned on an undiscovered island holding board meetings with coconuts, you will have noticed the fast growth and development of mobile!

Businesses are starting to realise that they cannot ignore mobile any longer and in 2012, we saw a huge trend towards mobile engagement even though investment in mobile marketing was relatively low in comparison.

The mobile searcher is in a completely different mindset and behaves differently to all other platform users. Fast forward to 2013 and data analysis and analytical tools are far more developed giving us a clear insight into this behaviour, what the mobile searcher is looking for and what their buying triggers are. This paves the way for sophisticated and targeted mobile ad campaigns including extremely localised targeting!

Bill Dinan, president at Telemetrics, has wrote an article for Search Engine Watch that talks about the development of mobile ad monetization. If your business attracts a significant amount of traffic from mobile users (if not why not? You should look into this) then you will be interested to learn more about the development of mobile ads so check out the article below:


I agree that this year we will see a lot more growth from mobile in terms of the industry, Internet use and marketing. Don’t miss this gravy train!