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If it’s not making you money,
it isn’t working.


I am new to digital marketing…

Your digital marketing strategy should do one thing: increase your return on investment. We can help you do that.

Our in-house team of digital marketing specialists work together to grow your traffic and increase your website’s conversion rate: the two things that will make a real difference to your bottom line.

This way of working produces sustainable long-term results, and is far more likely to achieve a return on your investment than resorting to short-term gimmicks.

I am already doing digital marketing…

Hello. Looking at other agencies? Something must be wrong. How’s your latest campaign performing?

If your digital marketing strategy isn’t making you money then it’s not working. It’s that simple. Our digital strategies have an emphasis on ROI, because we know that’s what really matters.

Give us a call, let’s talk about what’s currently happening. You won’t be disappointed.

We make digital marketing run easily, simply and intuitively.

We specialise in three things: driving traffic, increasing conversion, and creating online experiences which grow your business.

We do this by taking the time to get to know your brand. We identify where it sits in the relevant market and will devise a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals within your specific budget. With Run2, you’ll get:

Data-driven digital marketing specialists

Every move we make is qualified by data. It informs our next steps and shows us exactly what we need to do to take your digital strategy to the next level. Through data-led results we can see what is and isn’t working for you and your brand and adjust if necessary.

An integrated approach

There’s no other way to build a successful digital marketing strategy than with an integrated approach. It’s something we’ve always believed in and it’s the way we work. Design, content, seo, ppc – it all works together seamlessly to create a complete strategy.

Clear & concise reporting

Our results speak for themselves. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We provide you with monthly reports that clearly show how you’re performing – so you can see everything for yourself. And filling it with unnecessary fluff isn’t our style. Our reports are straight to the point.


Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is what helps your website become and remain visible.

Seo is a long-term strategy but once the foundations have been put in you will see your brand’s visibility grow from strength to strength. And the more users that visit your site, the more chance you have of converting visits into sales.

Our expert team is at the core of our collaborative approach: no one sits out of a project. We’re constantly using everyone’s strengths. Find out more about the other components of our fully integrated digital marketing solution.