What we do

Identifying the conversations that matter.

Social listening is also about taking action. It can inform a range of actions from simply replying to a happy customer, to shifting brand position, launching a new product or creating fresh relevant content. As your social media agency, we’ll identify important keywords and topics to track to make sure you’re never left out of the conversation.

How we do it

Real-time reactions.

By monitoring for brand mentions across social channels, we can react in real-time to conversations that are happening around your brand. In the event that anything negative is being said, it’s a great opportunity to nip it in the bud before it escalates. Real-time reactions show your audience that you’re engaged and you care about your customers.

Sentiment analysis.

It’s important for us to understand just what people think of your brand. From there we can start to shape what we want people to think of your brand. If your brand is misunderstood or doesn’t have a lot of recognition across social channels, we can work to change that.


Through social listening, we can make sure your brand stays engaged with your audience. We’ll identify opportunities to get involved with conversations about your brand, as well as relevant industry topics and issues. This allows your brand to stay at the forefront and shows your audience you’re engaged within the community.

We'll help you monitor and react to real-time conversations about your brand.


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