Analyse & Optimise.

We will analyse your current social platforms and identify areas that would benefit from a targeted social strategy. From profile optimisation to audience analysis and social brand management, our social media specialists are able to strengthen both your overall brand presence and digital performance.

Identify Personas.

In order to target the right people on social media, we need to create a persona for your audience. Our social strategy experts will put together your perfect consumer persona and use it to target their likes, their requirements and tailor the content we put in front of them.

Build Campaigns.

We tailor our social campaigns to your specific objectives and with our unparalleled reach and the ability to granularly target specific audiences, so you are sure to get a great return on investment. We continuously test and optimise your campaigns to make sure they’re always as cost-effective as possible for you and your business.

What we do

Community Management.

Through our community management service we’ll cultivate amazing customer relationships between you and your audience. Our social media team will build your brand’s reputation by instilling trust and authority within the online community. With our help, your brand will go from strength to strength across various social media channels.

Reputation Management.

Our reputation management service uses a blend of tools to build, maintain and even recover your online reputation. So whether you’re a brand new business looking to create a strong reputation online, you’re an existing business with an established reputation, or your reputation has taken a hit through bad reviews, we can help.

Social Listening.

Social listening is a useful way of tracking, analysing, and responding to conversations about your brand and industry online. Through social listening, we’re able to get meaningful insights and data out of what’s being talked about online. Discovering trends, competitor benchmarking and even highlighting potential influencers – it can all be done through social listening.

Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of social media marketing, and if done correctly, is extremely beneficial for brands looking to expand their reach. Collaborations between brands and influencers are mutually beneficial and our social media executives can help you build these valuable relationships.

Paid Social.

We tailor our paid social strategies to your specific objectives. Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness or increase sales we’ll design bespoke campaigns around your end goals. For us, results matter and it’s how we consistently improve our service.

Social Media Training.

We offer in-house social media training. Our social experts can teach your team the best practices of social media, so your staff can effectively manage your organic social channels. After all, you know you’re clients better than anyone.

We craft effective strategies; from building brand awareness, to conversion-led campaigns.

Run2 is a full service marketing agency. Our in-house team of specialists includes strategists, project managers, designers, developers, digital marketing analysts and social media experts to support your brand from defining goals and objectives to complete campaign execution. Here’s just a handful of the other services we can provide:

Influencer Outreach

Elevate and empower your brand with the pioneers of the influencer marketing movement. If you want to get yourself in front of a wider, more relevant audience and make a real impact then we can help.

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We deliver the best SEO that Manchester has to offer with over 20 years combined experience in highly competitive sectors.

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Creative & Design.

Our creativity is fearless, our work is unrivalled and our insight is empowering. With our multi-disciplinary team of design and development specialists, we turn ideas into reality.

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Run2’s official insights are a mixture of the latest digital trends & predictions, reports, our recent client wins, team updates, award wins and much more.

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