We can maximise your visibility

As voice search gains in popularity, voice search optimisation is becoming an increasingly important part of seo. With more and more people relying on voice activated devices to provide them with the information, products and services they need, consumers have, quite literally, spoken – ushering us into the era of voice.

With voice search marketing, your website will be optimised for relevant search terms and queries, providing you with high quality traffic.

Developing a comprehensive voice search strategy allows your brand to remain visible online regardless of whether consumers speak or type into their devices.

How we do it

Voice keyword research

Seo for voice requires its own keyword research and a specialised approach. For example, research shows that local and long tail keywords are used three times as much in voice searches than in regular text searches. Our team of digital marketers ensure they cover all bases from a keyword perspective to maximise your visibility.

Voice search intent

There are generally three types of voice search intent that we optimise for: informational, navigational and transactional. By optimising for these different types of voice queries you can increase brand recognition and conversions.

Voice search friendly content

Ensuring your website is kept up to date with quality content that is tailored to voice search is a key part of our voice marketing strategy. Our content team work with the digital marketers to ensure your brand is a top quality resource within your industry by creating relevant and helpful content in the right tone of voice.

Whether your customers are speaking to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, we can maximise your visibility.


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