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Mobile SEO.

Google has now implemented a mobile-first indexing plan, where it ranks sites according to their mobile versions, rather than the desktop versions when users search on mobile devices. With that in mind, ignoring mobile SEO can mean your site will tumble down mobile search rankings and you’ll miss out on a huge audience.

Making sure your website is optimised for mobile SEO is something we do as standard. Our talented SEO team will implement all the essential mobile SEO elements, making sure your website ranks for both desktop and mobile search queries.

How we do it


User experience plays a huge part in SEO and for mobile SEO, that means providing an easy to navigate and pleasant mobile journey. We find it best to take a completely different approach to your mobile content compared to your desktop content. Because your users do! We’ll ensure your website is responsive and caters to a mobile audience – something the search engines will reward you for.


Your overall site speed is important but it’s even more meaningful on mobile. Through AMP HTML we’ll increase the speed in which your web pages load to provide what Google calls “a user-first format for web content.” AMP pages are also more likely to be showcased in the coveted rich snippet ranking position which can help boost traffic to your site.

Local & voice search.

Some of the most popular ways for people to search the web on mobile devices is via local and voice search queries. To capitalise on this growing trend, our SEO team ensure all your content is optimised for both local and voice search, making your website as visible as possible for all relevant terms – however they’re being searched for.

When the search engines trust your website, people trust your website. And we can help you earn that trust.

Our site redesign for John Ryan provided them with a much needed modernisation and gave the brand a luxury feel.


Award winning results.

Our dynamic approach has gained us a reputation for being disruptive in the digital space producing exceptional results for our clients.


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