How we do it

Display ads

Using the GDN, we’re able to create strategic display advertising campaigns that promote your business to your target audience. We use eye-catching imagery, including GIFs, to grab the attention of users. The high reach of display ads are what make them so effective and we can tailor your display ads to specific demographics such as gender, age and location.

How we do it

Design ads in-house.

All of the ads we design for you are done in-house in a joint effort between the PPC and design teams. This collaborative approach is something we have found to reap the highest rewards for our clients. Once they’ve been created we’ll identify the most relevant sites for your display ads to go.

Performance assessment.

Over time we assess the performance of your display ad placements and optimise bids for them. We’ll also remove any poor-performing placements and highlight new sites to target. This way, your display ads are never wasted and are always put where they work best.

Continuous testing.

We continually test call to actions, ad copy and imagery to ensure optimal performance of display ads. If one aspect of your display ads isn’t working, we want to know why. Similarly, if we know something works really well, that can help us get your displays ads in front of even more of your target audience.

We’re a PPC management agency with Google Ads certified experts, so there’s no better team to plan and manage your display campaign.


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