What we do

Bing advertising.

Within the UK, Bing has a smaller market share than Google but this makes it a budget-friendly alternative, as it generally has a lower cost-per-click due to competition for keywords being lower. Bing Ads can also be particularly useful if you’re looking to be more active in countries outside of the UK, such as the US, where Bing has a larger market share. We run many Bing Ads campaigns for clients and we see excellent results even from a lesser ad spend.

We’re a PPC management agency with Bing certified experts, so there’s no better team to plan and manage your Bing campaign.

How we do it

Microsoft Advertising Partner Program.

You’ll have a PPC expert who is part of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program working on your account with the most up to date Microsoft reporting & tools knowledge.

Ad optimisation.

Looking at bidding strategies, keywords, CPC, audience and personas, your dedicated PPC expert will constantly optimised your Bing Ads so you’re always getting the best results, for the best budget.

Overseas markets.

We use Bing Ads/Microsoft Advertising as an effective way to target international markets, especially those in the US, whilst remaining completely within budget.


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