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App Store Optimisation

With millions of apps available in the app stores, competition is fierce. Creating a brilliant app is only half the battle. The other half is making sure it’s found by users who will appreciate it the most. That’s why app store optimisation is so important.

App store seo boosts your visibility and puts your creation in front of the right audience. Much like climbing the ranks of Google, app search optimisation ensures your app gets to the top of the store, and is found and downloaded as many times as possible. The higher your app ranks in search results, the more visible it is to potential customers

Through continuous testing, analysing insights and knowledge of search engine optimisation, it’s possible to create great app store seo, building a relevant audience around your application.

Organic keyword research

How you select keywords and describe your app are determining factors in your search ranking and visibility. We’ll do all the research for you, choosing the most accurate and relevant keywords to go into your description. We’ll also make sure your app is categorised correctly, and choose the best screenshots to showcase your app’s features.

iOS & Android optimisation

Over 60% of app downloads come directly from a search on the App Store, and Google reaches over 1 billion people worldwide on Android devices. This makes being optimised for both iOS and Android, absolutely essential to maximise your visibility. We ensure every avenue is explored, including paid, to get you ranking on both app stores, increasing your downloads and installs.

Mobile focus

When it comes to app search optimisation, it’s vital to acknowledge that your audience will be using some sort of portable device – whether it’s a smartphone, iPad or tablet – and optimise with that in mind. Our keyword research will incorporate mobile queries and search terms to ensure your found, no matter what device your users are on.


Nothing builds trust in your app like genuine, positive customer reviews. And the more reviews and ratings you have, the more likely you are to rank highly in the various app stories. We’ll help your app gain trust and authority organically with authentic reviews.


App Store Optimisation

App store optimisation

As a leading seo agency in Manchester, app store optimisation is something that we’ve added to our offerings as the popularity of apps has continued to grow. With our extensive knowledge of search engine optimisation, ppc and the entire digital landscape, we’re best placed to take care of your app store seo.

Our expert team is at the core of our collaborative approach: no one sits out of a project. We’re constantly using everyone’s strengths. Find out more about the other components of our fully integrated digital marketing solution.