A true identity

Building the foundations.

Every move you make should fall in line with your brand identity. Working hard on your foundation makes every next step you take seamless, effortless. You become flawless.

Designing a new brand identity is a highly creative and involved process.

The process

It is a process which requires relevant and innovative commercial intelligence, client input and designer experience in order to create a brand which will connect with its target audience. That’s whether you’re a startup who has yet to form their brand identity or an established company looking for a refresh.

What to expect

During the branding identity process you can expect the following:

  • • Unique brand values
  • • Brand personality traits
  • • Brand aspirations
  • • Clear brand guidelines

Brand guidelines

Once your new brand identity is formed, a branding guidelines document is necessary to support your new brands use and deployment.

Branding guidelines are vital for keeping the deployment of a brand both consistent and professional. Sometimes called a brand manual, it provides a set of rules and guidance notes that help ensure your brand appears and is used in the way that it was intended.

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With a strong and coherent brand identity your story becomes yours and yours alone.


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