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Clarke Bell are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners with over 20 years’ experience helping businesses, sole traders and individuals with their debt problems.

Traditional marketing methods were already being used successfully, but as the digital world gained more momentum, it was realised that an online presence was more important than ever.

A relatively sensitive subject matter meant that a ‘salesy’ focus wouldn’t be suitable, and we’d first and foremost need to build up trust and reassurance with the audience.


122% uplift

We witnessed a 122% uplift in the number of unique visitors over a 2 year period.

68% increase

We increased organic traffic to the site by 68% over the same period. (5,276 vs 3,136, 2015 vs 2013)

14% increase

We increased conversions/leads by 14% within just 12 months.

The challenge

With very little site authority and overall web presence, our main objectives were to:

  • Increase Clarke Bell’s online footprint
  • Drive productive traffic to the website
  • Establish the brand as an authority and experts in the insolvency niche
  • Ultimately increase the amount of people engaging and enquiring with Clarke Bell

The solution

  • We used the most relevant, targeted keywords to increase organic search engine traffic
  • We branched into paid search methods (Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising) to produce a positive ROI within a small given budget
  • We provided on-going conversion optimisation suggestions which led to the design and build of their new, current website
  • We provided a comprehensive content marketing strategy to answer users’ questions and establish the brand as trustworthy experts within the niche
  • We established a social media presence that continues to grow
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