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Say Hello To Our New Digital Marketer, Ben

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Say Hello To Our New Digital Marketer, Ben

Author: David Walters
Posted in News on 20th May 2015 12:00 am

This week, our new Digital Marketer, Ben joined the Up Search team and we’re really happy to welcome him into the business.
Ben is originally from Rossendale in Lancashire, which means we’ll be expecting to hear some excellent Northern slang soon!
According to Ben, his hometown is famous for having a ski slope and he even worked there for over a year as a Ski Instructor. Fancy.

Ben has always had a passion for writing and music, so he decided to combine the two and begin a blog based on reviewing new bands from around the North West.

This pretty much started his digital marketing career, which is great because his passions have lead him to starting here at Up Search.

Before joining our team, Ben worked as part of an in-house marketing team for a leading eCommerce company in Preston and he’s told us he is very much looking forward to a long and successful career with us. Likewise, Ben!

We gave Ben a list of questions and he had to answer five of them. Let’s have a look and see what he decided to tell us!

1. When is your birthday?

August 27th. Aside from a few minor celebrities, I can’t really say I share my birthday with anyone famous. However, I’ve nearly always had to endure the fact that I was often the youngest in my class at school. Anyone with a July or August birthday certainly understands this feeling.

2. To keep motivated, what things do you need?

A decent playlist and a strong pot of coffee. Simple.

3. If you could only eat ONE office snack, what would it be and why?

If I was to answer this 6 months ago, I would’ve easily opted for a slice of cake. However, I’ve now realised that office work doesn’t do wonders for your waistline, so I’m currently on a bit of a health kick. That’s why i’m going to be boring and choose a piece of fruit, but carrot cake is okay, right?

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Definatley an early bird. I can hardly stay up past midnight these days.

5. What inspires you the most on a day to day basis?

Regardless of how small or insignificant, I truly believe that having the ability to learn something new every day is what really inspires me.

We’re really excited that Ben has started working with us and we’re looking forward to learning more about him. We hope your first week has been cracking, Ben!

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