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Pinterest Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

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Pinterest Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

Author: Cameron Cockbain
Posted in Social Media on 20th April 2020 12:00 am

With so many platforms available to advertise on, it can be hard to know which is the right one for you.

Pinterest has the potential advertising reach of 10.6M users in the UK which is a QoQ 2.8% increase. Now although this is lower than Facebook’s 36M potential reach, Pinterest isn’t like other social media platforms, it acts as a search engine allowing users to explore ideas, creations & products visually.

Why use Pinterest Advertising?

Pinterest is a social media channel that is used to research, find inspiration and explore ideas. Depending on your business type, Pinterest could fit in with your business objectives perfectly. With 169M users worldwide, this platform has been said to have led 98 percent of Pinners in trying new things they found on the site.

How can you reach objectives with Pinterest Ads?

As we know, marketing is about taking a user through the decision-making process and guiding them through each phase carefully, picking the right things to say and show them at the right time. For example, it’s no use telling somebody to back to your website if they haven’t even heard of your brand before.

Pinterest allows you to target users at each stage of this decision making funnel, right from brand awareness through to conversion:

Brand Awareness: This allows you to help people discover your brand, business, and offerings when they are researching what to buy or what project to do next.

Consideration: Once people are aware of your brand, drive more traffic and encourage leads and installs when they’re making decisions.

Conversion: Generate sales both online and offline, by getting the users ready to convert to choose your business offering.

How do you advertise on Pinterest?

Like all advertising platforms, you will need a strategy to reach the right audience and achieve the objectives you have put in place for yourself. Pinterest allows you to reach your target market and prospective customers in 3 ways.

Interest Targeting: Present your Promoted Pins in front of an audience based on what they like whether its sports equipment, clothing, haircare or homeware, as they browse categories and home feeds.

Keyword Targeting: Choose search terms that relate to your product or service in order to reach those that are ready to act on what they find with Promoted Pins that have been targeted to appear in their search results and as related Pins. Just like you can with Google Ads, on Pinterest you can now use features such as match types, negative keywords and search term reports to help you target and drill down your search terms with more precision.

Audience Targeting: Get your Promoted Pins in front of those that are likely to be most receptive and open to your brand. You can target your audience based on their demographics such as locations, age etc, what life events they are going through such as getting married, and what they’re interested in for example; foodies or fashionistas.

How can you start advertising on Pinterest?

If you would like to start advertising on Pinterest, or want to find out which digital channel would best serve your business objectives, please contact us today and one of our digital experts will be able to go through recommendations and discuss next steps with you.

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