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Increase online sales on your ecommerce site

4 min read

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Increase online sales on your ecommerce site

Author: Phil Birss
Posted in Conversion Optimisation on 25th October 2018 12:00 am

So, you sell products online? You’ve no doubt worked hard to rank for the appropriate keywords, your Adwords account is firing away and you are driving the correct traffic to your site. But, visitors aren’t doing what you want them to do on your site.

You can’t spend time and money on attaining the correct traffic only to forget that what they do when they’re on your site is just as important.

So how do we ensure that your site has a high conversion rate?

Please note: I could list 10’s of possibilities, And I will… But only a handful in depth.

Image, content and video quality

Images must be sharp, clean and clear. When browsing with intent to purchase, users will look at the images first so if they show the product in a brilliant way it is more likely that they are to make a purchase.

Sharp product Image

Product descriptions need to be detailed and effective. Understand your target audience, their wants and needs, and what benefits the product will have to the buyer. Make the product description easy to read (it is no good to use jargon or make it 2,000 words long!)

If images can say a thousand words, then surely video can say 10s of thousands! Showing off your product from all angles in the right lighting can provide the buyer with all the information they could ever need.

The key component here is not to do these on a tight budget, get it right and it will make a big difference to your conversion rate.

Test Everything

A/B testing needs to be fractional and measured, single factors on each page; Call to Action text, different images etc. measure for a period of time then move onto the next test. Too many times we have seen testing done in a scattered manner, or not at all.

ecommerce ab testing

Simple increases of 0.5% here and there will make a big difference to your bottom line.

Simple, Effective Search Function

Make it easy for your buyers to find the items they want quickly and easily, buyers will leave if it is too much like hard work to navigate to what they want!

A few quick wins are to ensure the search bar is visible (obviously), add filters to the results page so customers can focus down on what they are after. Intelligence autocomplete can be a godsend if the customer is looking for something complex…


Customers who leave your site without purchasing might have left for a number of reasons; didn’t find what they were after, wanted to continue browsing, didn’t like the look of product or aren’t at the purchasing stage yet.

All of these visitors to a certain degree need to be retargeted. Almost everyone will have seen this when they have visited a site that (and maybe even product if the retargeting has been set up properly) follows them to other sites on the web in the form of an advert.

Abandoned Cart

So a potential customer has clicked the ‘add to cart’ button and is thinking of making a purchase only to pull out and leave that item in their digital shopping cart, what can you do?

Well there is ton of software that can assist you with this (check out Amazon or Ebay… you will get an email an hour after adding an item to a watch list or shopping cart). This is really effective, especially for those that are not quite at the buying stage or are browsing whilst at work.

Abandonded Cart Email

It also gives you an opportunity to offer 10% off or free shipping to seal the deal!

The list is almost endless but here are a few of the other variables/improvements affecting your ecommerce site

  1. Simplify your pages
  2. No hidden fees
  3. Accept all payment options
  4. Product recommendations
  5. Utilise software – Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Hotjar
  6. Live chat
  7. Reviews
  8. Simple returns policy
  9. Mobile optimised website
  10. Improve your Call to Actions
  11. Make it easy for customers to contact you
  12. No delivery charges
  13. Social proofing (what are people saying on social media about this product)
  14. One click checkout
  15. 100% secure website and checkout
  16. Guest checkout

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