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Google reveals how coronavirus has affected search behaviours

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Google reveals how coronavirus has affected search behaviours

Author: Adam Bennett
Posted in Search Engine Optimisation on 14th April 2020 12:00 am

The past few weeks have been far from ‘normal’ for us all, and as we begin to adapt to the impact of Coronavirus, our day to day behaviours have changed. Many of us have found ourselves using our time at home to bake a cake, learn a new skill or become a full-time homeschooling teacher!

Google has released data which shows how this new way of life has been reflected in the way we search, identifying 5 key behaviours. Understanding these behaviours can allow brands to become more helpful to their customers by providing the content they are looking for during these unusual times.

Let’s take a look at the 5 behaviours identified by Google.

Assembling critical information and content

As we all adapt to staying at home, searches for queries such as “can you freeze”, “home delivery”, and “mortgage rate suspension” have risen.

People are looking for clear information and the content they need to get by whilst living through these times. Creating content that is informative around these kinds of questions is one way brands can help consumers.

Be there to help – whether it’s through credible, detailed content or through offering more flexible customer service.

Discovering new connections and nurturing relationships

Whilst we might not be able to physically be with our friends and family, people are discovering new ways to connect and nurture their relationships whilst socially distancing.

As such, Google has noticed a spike in searches containing “with me”, such as “cook with me”, “clean with me” and “study with me”.

With many of us hosting virtual group quizzes or catching up with friends on Houseparty, Google has also announced a spike in interest around multiplayer gaming and even virtual happy hours!

Brands should begin to look for new ways to connect with customers, can you create a community or provide a space to connect and share experiences?

Adjusting to changes in their routines

Life has changed for most of us, with our usual routines a thing of the past. As we all begin to adapt, new routines are forming – whether that be a morning home workout, arts and crafts in the afternoon or late night Netflix binge sessions.

Google has seen peaks in “dumbbell sets”, as well as “do it yourself” and home made productions such as Jamie Fallon and Stephen Colbert’s late night shows.

As we adjust to a lack of routine, brands can help by using data from Google Analytics or Trends to understand when people now need you most – this may be completely different to your normal, so try to adapt accordingly.

Praising everyday heroes

8pm on Thursdays now sees us all stepping outside our doorsteps and clapping in appreciation for our NHS. Google has also seen a peak in interest around “clap NHS workers”.

From delivery drivers and supermarket staff to healthcare workers and teachers, we’re also looking for ways to praise all everyday heroes, with a peak worldwide for “thank essential workers”.

Brands can help by supporting and celebrating those that are doing their bit to help us all. Are there heroes amongst your employees, your customers or in your local community? 

Consider how your brand can help! This article by The Independent highlights just a few brands who are doing all they can to support key workers.

Taking care of themselves and others

During this difficult time, with heightened worry and anxiety, many of us are finding our health is suffering. A need to look after ourselves and our loved ones has seen interest in ways to relax, reduce anxiety and ease boredom rise.

As people look for ways to stay entertained at home, Google has seen an increase in searches such as “puzzles”, and “live zoo”.

Brands can provide virtual experiences to help to keep consumers entertained, or get involved by offering home based health and wellbeing content.

How your brand acts now will impact how your business fares after the pandemic. In fact, 84% of US consumers say how companies act during the current market is important to their loyalty moving forward. It’s so important that we all come together during this particularly difficult and worrying time, offer help where we can and look after one another.

At Run2, we hope you’re all staying safe and keeping well. If you need any help with your marketing or have any questions, please do get in touch

Data and insights taken from Think With Google.

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