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Augusta Ventures are a litigation funding company that focuses primarily on the SME market. Being newcomers in a relatively unknown market, it was important that we built up their online presence through organic, paid and social channels.

For those unfamiliar with the litigation finance market, we needed to capture them earlier on in the search journey and introduce Augusta Ventures as a potential solution.


55% increase

55% increase in organic traffic in the first 5 months (Oct 15: 1,101 vs Feb 16: 1,709)

118% increase

118% increase in organic leads in the first 5 months (Oct 15: 16 vs Feb 16: 35)

10% achieved

Achieved a 9.92% conversion rate via paid search in the first 5 months

The challenge

With very little site authority and overall web presence, our main objectives were to:

  • Increase Augusta Venture’s organic presence
  • Drive productive traffic to the website via a range of channels – organic and paid
  • Establish the brand as an authority, and experts in the litigation funding niche
  • Ultimately increase the amount of people enquiring with Augusta

The solution

  • We implemented an organic marketing strategy to build up search engine traffic through a range of browser, researcher and buyer keywords.
  • We set up a comprehensive Adwords campaign with the aim of producing a positive ROI within a given budget, making sure landing pages were fit for purpose.
  • We ensured a social media presence was established and continuously growing, and branched out into paid social media marketing methods via LinkedIn to utilise its powerful targeting methods and reach very specific audiences.
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