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Always transparent, always honest.

We are an award winning, integrated digital agency based in Manchester city centre. Digital marketing, seo, ppc, social media, branding, design, web development – we do it all.

We’ve filled the Run2 team with people who are experts in their field. Digital marketers, designers, writers, developers, creatives, strategists and analysts. You’ll struggle to find better elsewhere.

Having this group of people under one roof means we take care of everything ourselves. Every project we undertake is tackled by us and us alone. We build relationships with our clients so it’s only right we do the work ourselves. And it delivers the best results.

Each department informs the next to ultimately work together to drive all our projects forward across a combination of digital channels.

We don’t have a business development team or account managers to “handle our clients.” Instead we give our clients a direct line to their own digital marketing executive.

From experience we know it helps clients if they can speak directly to the people actually doing the work on their account: it saves time and provides clarity.

Our way of working makes us one of the only fully integrated digital marketing agencies in Manchester.

Our ethos is to continuously question everything. We question the work we do, we question what our clients are doing and we question what other agencies are doing. Because we strive to always do better. For us and for our clients.

If you’re not asking these questions you’re going to get left behind.

Too often brands and digital agencies get stuck in their ways, carrying out work almost on autopilot without really evaluating whether it’s the best course of action.

But that’s not our style.

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